Playing Games

As you might expect from Project Blinkenlights, the Stereoscope interactive installation features real time games that can be played on the facade of Toronto City Hall. Using your mobile phone, you can launch games on one of two top screens of the building depending on where you stand.

There are separate numbers for different games and for each of the two towers of the building. So by choosing the right number, you select which game to play on which part of City Hall.

Playing games

Playing a game is as simple as calling the right number and then start playing by pressing the proper keys on your telephone keyboard to control the action. If you are really in trouble understanding how it works, just listen to the voice on the other side explaining what to do.

Once you are done playing, just hang up. The screen will flip back to normal and continue to display animations or other things.

Games and Numbers

Below you find a list of the games you can play sorted by towers that they can be played on.

East Tower (bigger tower on your right)
+1 647 259‑8560
Aliens are approaching and you are the last man standing. Shoot that little bastards and tell them to not come again. However, next time you call they are going to be all over Stereoscope again. Press 4 to move left and 6 to move right. Press 5 to fire.
MoleMole Mole
+1 647 259‑8543
Your garden is full of moles and those little critters keep coming up at random. Grab your hammer and smash'em the moment they show up. The field is divided in 3x3 fields. Press the proper number (1-9) on your keypad to swing your tool.
+1 647 259‑8563
Clear the field of those blocks. Make sure your paddle is properly positioned to bounce back the ball. Press 5 to move up and 8 to move down.
West Tower (smaller tower on your left)
+1 647 258‑1674
Steer the falling blocks horizontally to position them properly. Use 4 and 6 to move them to the left and right respectfully. Press 5 to rotate the piece and 8 to drop it immediately.
+1 647 259‑8559
The classic Tennis game. It's you on the left against the computer on the right. Press 5 to move up and and press 8 to move down. Whoever reaches 10 points first wins.
+1 647 259‑8557
Steer the little snake across the screen using 4 (left), 6 (right), 5 (down) and 2 (up). Make it eat the little blinking dots and watch the snake growing.

We have put the telephone numbers for the Stereoscope Games in a vCard 3.0 file for easy importing into your phone.

Download: Stereoscope Games phone numbers as a vcard file (52 KB)

You should be able to either load this file into your contact application on your computer and sync it to your phone or directly load it on your phone depending on how your system works.