Stereoscope Simulator

Blinkenlights Stereoscope is going to display a huge variety of animations and real time games at the same time and it's go to be stunning to watch in person. However, if you happen to be part of 99,9% of the world's population that won't make it to Toronto in time, we have good news for you: we are going to release a Stereoscope Simulator that connects to our live data stream displaying the real content of the building on your computer in real time.

Stereoscope 3D Simulator for Mac

On the Mac, we provide you with a real time simulation program that displays Stereoscope content on a real 3D model. Just launch the program and you will be watching the live content. This is a standalone application program for Mac OS X.

Download: Stereoscope Simulator for Mac OS X Leopard v1.0 (15 MB)

When the Stereoscope Simulator starts for the first time it checks our site for the latest list of sources. Until the real installation starts you can watch us running all kinds of tests and maybe get some inspiration of that (or not). The program also autochecks for updates and updates itself when one is available. This way you stay close to our ongoing developments and improvements to the project.

You can also use this simulator together with our suite of tools for creating animations using Quartz Composer on the Mac as you can make your QC document send out a movie stream to the simulator locally. Just select "localhost" from the "Proxies" menu.

Stereoscope 3D Simulator for the iPhone

You can download the Stereoscope Simulator for the iPhone and iPod touch line of mobile devices (running the latest 2.1 firmware) now. Of course the Stereoscope Simulator is free: you do not have to pay anything to use this service.

Download: Blinkenlights Stereoscope Simulator for iPhone

Once downloaded, you can hook up to the live data stream on your iPhone and watch things happening in real time. You will look at a 3D representation of the building and you can pinch to zoom in and out and select various predefined camera positions. We have added a couple of new features to our data stream like adding time and date so that the simulator can actually show when the visible data was being broadcast. You will probably notice no significant delay receiving the data on your iPhone. And we will provide archival data streams later on so you can go back in time to relive certain phases of the project.

Please note that will see only the testing data stream nor now. Watch our [:blog blog] for updates on when the real stream goes live.

Stereoscope 2D Simulator for other platforms

We initially intented to provide slightly less exciting but still working 2D simulators for other platforms (namely Linux and hopefully Windows) once we have kicked out the 3D simulator. Due to a lack of time and developer resources this unfortunately didn't happen. Contributors are still welcome.